First ever blog

Having been inspired by my good friend Will, I’ll be using this blog more often to actually…well….blog. Technology’s amazing, and whether or not one drummer or one million drummers find some of the stuff I put up here useful it’s good to have it out there! So without further ado…

Lesson: ‘Three Armed Fill’ (with video)

Something I came up with a while back when I was messing with double stroke/bass drum combos. I called it the ‘Three Armed Fill’ because the extra cymbal hits, when played fast enough sound as if you’ve obtained an extra arm! It reminds me of something I once saw the great Dennis Chambers do on an old VHS tape I borrowed once. He would play simultaneous doubles on both his hands at tremendous speed followed by two bass drum notes as 16ths.

As always, start the initial sticking/bass drum patterns nice and slow, and practise at first using a hi-hat and ride cymbal – this will help you determine whether you are ‘flamming’ the notes or not.

Have fun with it! I find it’s a great lick for your ‘pub endings’ at the end of the night 🙂


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