Lesson: Drum n Bass Groove/Coordination Exercise

Hi again! Thought I’d drop by with another quick lesson. This is an interesting sounding Drum ‘n Bass groove I came up with a while ago when messing around with a three note sticking pattern (RRL).

I decided to take the three notes and syncopate them across a 4/4 time signature as 8th notes on the ride (right notes) and hi-hats (left notes). The all I did was accent beats 2 and 4 on the snare drum. It takes 6 bars before you’re back to the start, so start it slow and you’ll find it easier to place the right snare drum notes.

After that just add a bass drum on beats 1 and 3+ to achieve that classic D ’n B pattern. Once you achieved this have a go at changing the sticking pattern around a bit and seeing what you can come up with!

This is obviously nothing to rival someone like Jojo Mayer, but it’s a nice and creative groove which I use quite a lot, and it’s a great co-ordination exercise!


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