Lesson: Jazz Coordination Exercise

It’s been a while since I put a new lesson up here. Here’s something I figured out when I was having MAJOR difficulty with note placement while playing the standard ‘ten-to-ten’ Jazz pattern on the ride and hi-hats.

Basically start out with triplets between the bass and snare as shown in exercise 1 with your left hand. You can start with bass or snare, as Jazz rhythms tend to work around triplets it’ll be easy the get the feel right.

The important bit is getting those ride (right) and hi-hat patterns in. My suggestion would be to start by looking them mathematically (wait! Don’t go, hear me out….) as to get the mechanics right. The hi-hat footing is the key here, as it can either land on the snare or the bass drum; when you start to up the tempo you can use these hi-hats to give you the confidence that you’re doing it right.

Once you’re happy with these THEN you can start having fun and start getting musical. In pattern three I’ve shown how they can be played around the kit, but you can put them anywhere. Play around with ghost-notes and dynamics, once you pick up the speed you can achieve a sound similar to the one shown in the ‘Three Armed Fill’ exercise last week.



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