(Drum!) Circle of Life

We have been very proud to have worked alongside Bodmin College this term for their sold out production of Disney’s The Lion King. Tom provided two Africa Drumming workshops for the percussionists that featured in numerous songs in the production as well as a group solo piece in which drummers performed traditional Kuku and DjoleContinue reading “(Drum!) Circle of Life”

Samba de Pensilva!

We have been working with Cornwall Music Hub this term to deliver Samba lessons to students at Pensilva school. Over the course of ten weeks the Year 6 Pupils have had a chance to play on multiple percussive instruments, and play many different styles of South American music as well as creating and performing their own Samba songContinue reading “Samba de Pensilva!”

NEWS: St Mary’s Djembe Lessons

Year 2s at St Mary’s CP School in Bodmin have been learning all about West African Drumming this term! Cornwall Drum Tuition has been working with The Cornwall Music Hub to provide group Djembe lessons, in which students have learned about different tones, techniques and the history of the instrument. Classes are gearing up to aContinue reading “NEWS: St Mary’s Djembe Lessons”

Double Paradiddle Hi Hat & Rim Pattern

Created this groove whilst messing around in the studio yesterday. Basically a straight 16th version of a Double Paradiddle (not sextuplet like how they’re usually played) with the right hand on the rim of the snare and the left on a hi hat. Obviously as it’s a 6 note sticking pattern it reverts back toContinue reading “Double Paradiddle Hi Hat & Rim Pattern”