Lesson: Jazz Coordination Exercise

It’s been a while since I put a new lesson up here. Here’s something I figured out when I was having MAJOR difficulty with note placement while playing the standard ‘ten-to-ten’ Jazz pattern on the ride and hi-hats. Basically start out with triplets between the bass and snare as shown in exercise 1 with yourContinue reading “Lesson: Jazz Coordination Exercise”

Lesson: Drum n Bass Groove/Coordination Exercise

Hi again! Thought I’d drop by with another quick lesson. This is an interesting sounding Drum ‘n Bass groove I came up with a while ago when messing around with a three note sticking pattern (RRL). I decided to take the three notes and syncopate them across a 4/4 time signature as 8th notes onContinue reading “Lesson: Drum n Bass Groove/Coordination Exercise”