School Lessons

schoolLessonsCornwall Drum Tuition offers group and individual lessons to primary schools around Cornwall.

Drumming comes with a huge range of benefits: it massively improves coordination, and can be a fun and exciting entry point into music. The school needn’t have a drum kit already in place – Cornwall Drum Tuition uses a top of the range, flat pack kit that can be set up and ready to go within minutes. 

For your child to learn in a small group (weekly) starts at just £5 a lesson, lesson times vary depending on how many there are in a group. A group of 2 students is 20 minutes, a group of 3 is 25 minutes and a group of 4 is 30 minutes. Individual lessons cost £10 for a 20 minute lesson. There will be approximately 10 lessons per school term.

If your child is a beginner he/she will need a pair of sticks and a Beginner’s Drumming Book. I can provide both of these for an extra £10, of course these can be purchased elsewhere but you may need to contact me for guidance on what would be best.

We are very happy to be working alongside the Cornwall Music Education Hub to provide subsidised lessons for children that meet certain criteria. These are:

  • Children eligible for free school meals and/or in care will receive free group lessons.
  • Children with one or more parents serving in the British Armed Forces will receive free group lessons.
  • Children, or parent, in receipt of Disability Living Allowance will receive half-priced group lessons.

You will receive a termly report on your child’s progress and we will aim to have an assembly booked once a year for your child to demonstrate their new abilities!

If I have made a visit to your child’s school and you wish to apply, please fill out the form below.


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